I work on lots of projects. Here’s a snapshot of some recent examples that I found the most interesting and/or rewarding to work on – or those which are just generally useful to society. website

Custom page template; sticky header; integral forms and newsletter functionality

Dog Training
Screenshot of the HealthWeb Solutions website

HealthWeb Solutions website

A complete rebuild of the HealthWeb Solutions website. I concentrated first on a clean, fully responsive layout with plenty of white space – and then optimised for performance, SEO and accessibility (achieving 100% scores on all metrics in Google Lighthouse).

You can read some of my thoughts about accessibility (especially for the public sector) here.


Use the Right Service website

The NHS required a website to promote their ‘Use the Right Service’ campaign, which helps the public find the correct NHS service for their specific needs.

They needed a specific design (based on existing artwork), and easy content editing for their communications teams to use.

Note: I didn’t build their website

Tech Rebuild for Mankind

Mankind is a charity providing free counselling services for for men in Sussex affected by unwanted sexual experiences.

I developed a simple online CRM for the counsellors and office staff, configured a fleet of ChromeBooks for the counsellors, streamlined their data collection and storage, created a Standard Operating Procedure, and produced a set of GDPR policies.

When Covid hit, they were already prepared to move to entirely online service provision.